Christopher Denny

"Revisiting Dante's Promised End: Eschatological Implications for Peguy's Jeanne d'Arc Mysteries"

Professor Denny’s essay received the following commendation from the selection committee: “The committee commends Denny for providing readers with a provocative and insightful essay that interweaves texts by Charles Péguy, Dante Alighieri, and Hans Urs von Balthasar in order to foreground issues central to eschatology. Denny’s work speaks to all readers of Christianity and Literature because it encourages readers to return to the work of Péguy, an undertreated poet, and because it provides an intriguing, if atypical and risky, model for future theologically-motivated researchers. The careful reader of Denny’s article is rewarded by fresh insights into the political and theological implications of vastly different imaginative conceptions of hope, evil, and ultimate judgment. By illuminating how Péguy saw himself as an “eschatological rival” to Dante, Denny opens up a range of valuable questions, each with a surprising contemporary salience, regarding the role of the apocalyptic imagination in Christian theology.”

Cynthia Wallace

"Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Purple Hibiscus and the Paradoxes of Postcolonial Redemption"

Volume 61, No. 3


James Matthew Wilson

“The Realism of Helen Pinkerton”

Volume 58, No. 4 


Monica Brzezinski Potkay

"The Parable of the Sower and Obscurity in the Prologue to Marie de France's Lais"

Volume 57, No. 3

James Matthew Wilson

"Representing the Limits of Judgment: Yvor Winters, Emily Dickinson, and Religious Experience"

Volume 56, No. 3 

Denise T. Askin

"Carnival in the ‘Temple':
Flannery O'Connor's Dialogic Parable of Artistic Vocation"

Volume 56, No. 4

Scott McLaren

“Saving the Monsters? Images of Redemption in the Gothic Tales of George MacDonald"

Volume 55, No. 2

Phillip J. Donnelly

“Enthusiastic Poetry and Rationalized Christianity: The Poetic Theory of John Dennis”
Volume 54, No. 2

Jens Zimmermann

"Quo Vadis?: Literary Theory beyond Postmodernism"

Volume 53, No. 4


Nathan Bracher

"The Cold-War Christian Humanism of Francois Mauriac"

Volume 52, No. 3


Sanford Schwartz

"Paradise Reframed: Lewis, Bergson, and Changing Times on Perelandra"

Volume 51, No. 4


Emily Griesinger

"Why Baby Suggs, Holy, Quit Preaching the Word: Redemption and Holiness in Toni Morrison’s Beloved"

Volume 50, No. 4 


Janet L. Larson

"Josephine Butler’s Catharine of Siena: Writing (Auto)Biography as a Feminist Spiritual Practice"

Volume 48, No. 4 

"Praying Bodies, Spectacular Martyrs, and the Virile Sisterhood: 'Salutary and Useful Confusions' in Josephine Butler’s Catherine of Siena"

Volume 49, No. 1