THE CONFERENCE ON CHRISTIANITY AND LITERATURE is an interdisciplinary society dedicated to exploring the relationships between Christianity and literature. Organized formally in 1956, CCL is dedicated to both scholarly excellence and collegial exchange and includes hundreds of members from a variety of academic institutions and religious traditions from the United States, Canada, and more than a dozen other countries.


By Jeremy Begbie (Duke University)

I count it a huge honor to be invited to offer a tribute to my friend Roger Lundin for The Conference on Christianity and Literature, a body he often mentioned to me with great warmth. It is certainly an intimidating brief: to address a group whose core interest is effective language, and to try to honor in words someone whose verbal eloquence vastly exceeded my own. Read more >


In balloting that concluded on October 17, 2015, Darryl Tippens (Abilene Christian University) was elected as the next President of the Conference on Christianity and Literature; Mitchell Harris (Augustana College, South Dakota) was re-elected as Treasurer; Claire Costley King'oo (University of Connecticut) was selected as an at large member of the CCL board; and Gregor Thuswaldner (Gordon College) was re-elected as the representative for the Northeast region. 


Christianity & Literature 

After a six-month search, which included final interviews at the MLA Convention in Vancouver, the Board of the Conference on Christianity and Literature has selected Mark Eaton, Professor of English at Azusa Pacific University, to be the new editor of Christianity & Literature, our flagship journal.

Mark assumed his duties officially on June 1, 2015, when he took over the reins of the journal from Paul Contino and Maire Mullins, who served superbly as co-editors for more than a decade. 

Mark recently sat down for an extensive interview in which he describes his interests in the subject of Christianity and literature and his vision for Christianity & Literature in the coming years. For the interview click here.


MLA 2016, Austin, Texas

At the Austin MLA Convention in January 2016, CCL was privileged to honor two remarkable scholars as the recipients of CCL's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lawrence Buell (Harvard University), photo left, is our 2014 LAA recipient, and Stephen Prickett (University of Kent), photo below, received the LAA award for 2015.


Both have had long and unusually distinguished careers — Professor Buell as one of the foremost scholars of the religious, social, and ethical dimensions of the literature of the United States and Professor Prickett as a creative interpreter of the history of romanticism and its myriad connections to modern Christian thought and practice.

To see the long line of outstanding artists and critics who have received the Lifetime Achievement Award over the past quarter-century,
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CCL at MLA 2016 | Austin

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CCL at MLA 2015 | Vancouver

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CCL at MLA 2014 | Chicago

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A message to CCL Board, and the CCL community,
from Paul Contino and Maire Mullins

As we look back on eleven years of service as Co-editors of Christianity & Literature, we are filled with gratitude. We are grateful to the hundreds of writers who contributed to the journal, be they authors of scholarly essays, book reviews’ or poems; to the countless readers who attentively evaluated manuscripts for us; to the special editors who made possible issues focused on Wendell Berry, Flannery O’Connor, Marilynne Robinson, Geoffrey Hill, Contemporary Poetry, Contemporary Fiction, and African Literature; to our tireless Book Review Editor, Philip Mitchell, and our two superlative Poetry Editors, Julia Kasdorf and Peter Cooley; to our two industrious Managing Editors, Tammy Ditmore and Jordan Hardman; and to our Advisory Board. All of us remain indebted to the founders of CCL, who, in 1950, were inspired to establish this vital community of scholars, whose work we have been honored to advance.

Last year, at the CCL Luncheon in Vancouver, we were moved by Roger Lundin’s kind words. Like each of you, we miss Roger dearly. He was a wise counselor, and constant support of our work with CCL. So too was John Cox, his predecessor as President of CCL. One of the great gifts of our tenure as editors has been working with people like Roger and John – models of the academic and Christian vocations, and of the ways the two can be integrated into an exemplary, unified life.

Susan Felch is another example of such a model: she remains an indispensable CCL leader and friend. Her special section, featured in our Winter 2009 issue, entitled “A Seminar on Christian Scholarship and the Turn to Religion in Literary Studies,” proved to be one of the most requested back issues of C&L. (Just today I recommended it on the CCL listserv!) And we remain deeply thankful to Darryl Tippens: without Darryl’s generous support and wise guidance during his service as Provost of Pepperdine University, we could never have accomplished our work.

We are grateful to Mark Eaton and his colleagues at Azusa Pacific University for taking the mantle of CCL editorship so ably and gracefully.    We believe our still-new partnership with SAGE will nurture CCL’s international presence, and will make the journal accessible to scholars around the world. For as long as we remain in our academic vocations, we will look forward to each new issue of Christianity & Literature, and working with our CCL friends on other endeavors.



CCL Fellowships

We are pleased to announce the reinstitution of CCL's travel grant program to support the work of scholars and writers. For the calendar year 2015, the deadline for applications for this competitive award program is November 15, 2015. For detailed information concerning the grant program and application process, please click here


 News on upcoming regional conferences.


Imago Dei: Poems from Christianity & Literature brings together a collection of poets who merge faith, literature, and art as a form of worship and inspiration.
The editor of the volume, Jill Baumgaertner, is an accomplished poet in her own right and served with distinction as the President of the Conference on Christianity and Literature from 1999-2003. 

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