Christianity & Literature is a quarterly journal devoted to the scholarly exploration of how literature engages Christian thought, experience, and practice. The journal currently has more than 1,000 subscribers, divided almost equally between individuals and institutions.

Most individual subscribers of Christianity & Literature are professors of literature or religion at universities across the U.S. and Canada and are always interested in publications that address literary topics in a scholarly manner.

Full-page advertisements in Christianity & Literature are $350. C&L's image area is four and one-half inches (horizontal) by seven and one-half inches (vertical). Submission of the advertisement should be in the form of PDF files; all ads must be black-and-white; minimum dpi for halftones is 225 and minimum dpi for line art is 600 dpi. Any edge intended to bleed needs to extend 1/8” past final trim size on that edge. The file should be sent by email to Invoicing occurs after publication of the issue.

Ad Deadlines
Deadlines        Publication Dates

65/2 (March 2016): January 7, 2016
65/3 (June 2016): April 8, 2016
65/4 (September 2016): July 11, 2016
66/1 (December 2016): October 10, 2016

If you are interested in placing an advertisement in a particular issue, please contact the advertising department.

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