Refund and Cancellation Policies

The following statement describes the refund and cancellation policies of The Conference for Christianity and Literature (The Conference).

Refund of Annual Fees

The annual membership fee will be refunded if a written request from the member is received and acknowledged by The Conference within 30 days of the original payment, subject to a processing fee of $20 US. Refunded amounts will be credited the original credit card number only. Please allow one billing cycle for amount to appear on member's monthly statement. Refund of annual membership fee will automatically cancel membership in The Conference

Cancellation of Membership

Membership in The Conference can be cancelled upon written request, received and acknowledged by the The Conference. If the request is made with 30 days of payment of the new or renewal annual membership fee, a refund, pursuant to the aforementioned Refund Policy, can be made. Membership in The Conference will be terminated automatically after a 30 day grace period from the member's renewal date if member fails to submit the recurring annual membership fee.

Cancellation of membership by The Conference is also pursuant to those outlined in the Terms of Use.