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The Conference on Christianity and Literature is pleased to announce that Alexander J.B. Hampton (University of Toronto) is the recipient of the 2018 Lionel Basney Award for his essay “Post-secular Nature and the New Nature Writing,” which was published in a special issue on "The Secular and the Literary," guest edited by Colin Jager (Rutgers University), in Christianity & Literature, Volume 67, Issue 3  (June 2018).



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Christianity & Literature Volume 68, Issue 3 (June 2019)

Special Issue: Poetics/Praxis

Guest Editor: Kimberly Johnson

Articles and Poems

Introduction: “‘Poetics/Praxis’: Materiality and the Meaningfulness of Experience,” Kimberly Johnson

Prologue: “Topsy-turvy,” Donald M. Friedman

“The Parson’s Country House Poem,” Andrea Crow

Poem: “Conception Abbey: Nodaway Co., Mo.,” G.C. Waldrep

“The Calvinist Couplet: Ralph Erskine’s Gospel Sonnets and the Espousal Poetics in Early Evangelicalism,” Wendy Raphael Roberts

Poem: “[For god’s],” Leslie Harrison

“‘In forgetting thou rememb’rest right’: Metaphor and Mis-devotion in John Donne’s Songs and Sonnets,” Tessie Prakas

Poem: “Crossing,” Jericho Brown

“Revised Versions: Poetry as Bible Reading in Three Modern Examples," David C. Mahan

“Birds of a Feather: George Herbert’s ‘Easter-wings,’” John Poch

Poem: “Infield Contrapuntal,” Meg Day

Afterword: “Holding Brokenness: Lyric Movements to and from,” Mary Szybist


Review Essay

David Lyle Jeffrey, “A Twenty-First Century Masterpiece: Micheal O’Siadhail, The Five Quintets


Book Reviews

1. Albert Haley / Angela Alaimo O’Donnell, Still Pilgrim: Poems

2. Nathan S. Rives / Kenneth A. Briggs, The Invisible Bestseller: Searching for the Bible in America

3. Caroline Bliss / Michael Giffin, Patrick White and God

4. David C. Mahan / Richard McLauchlan, Saturday’s Silence: R.S. Thomas and Paschal Reading

5. Richard E. Brantley / Helen Boyles, Romanticism and Methodism: The Problem of Religious Enthusiasm

6. Toby Coley / Clyde S. Kilby, ed., Arts and the Christian Imagination: Essays on Art, Literature, and Aesthetics

7. Steven Knepper / Michael Martin, The Incarnation of the Poetic Word: Theological Essays on Poetry & Philosophy, Philosophical Essays on Poetry & Theology

8. Stephen Barnes / Dana Gioia, 99 Poems: New and Selected

9. Paul J. Contino / Mark Knight, ed., The Routledge Companion to Literature and Religion




Christianity & Literature Volume 68, Issue 1 (December 2018)

Special Issue: Christianity and Chinese Literary Studies


Guest Editors: Sharon Kim and Chloë Starr

Sharon Kim and Chloë Starr, “Editors’ Preface: Why Chinese Theology and Literary Theory?”



1. Sharon Kim, “Introduction to Theory and Theology in Chinese Literary Studies: An Early Map”

2. Yang Huilin, “Matteo Ricci and Michel Foucault’s Readings of Epictetus:  A Quest of ‘Zhi’ (知 Knowing) and ‘Xing’ (行 Application)”

3. Ping-cheung Lo, “The Making of a Literary-Theological Mind in China: The Early Thought of Yang Huilin in Context”

4. Susan Felch, “Secular and Post-secular in China and the West: A Response to Ping-cheung Lo” 

5. Chin Kenpa, “The Image of Jesus in the writings of Zhang Shizhang (Hottinger S. C. Chang)”

6. Angelica Duran, “Chinese Christian Studies and Anglophone Literary Studies:  A Response to Chin Kenpa’s “Chinese Marxist Biblical Criticism on Jesus: A Study on W.T. Chu (朱维之)” 

7. Chloë Starr, “Shi Tiesheng and the Nature of the Human”

8. Zhang Longxi, “The Hermeneutic Circle, Textual Integrity, and the Validity of Interpretation”

9. David Jasper, “Reflections on the Maturity of Religion and Theology in Literature: A Cultural Dialogue”

David Lyle Jeffrey, “Afterword: ‘Scriptural Reasoning’ and Literary Method in China Today”



Rebecca Cantor, “The Woman at the Well”

Mary Romero Ferguson, "Prepositional Theology"

Nicholas Molbert, "Covenant with Knives"


Book Reviews

1. Fredrik Fällman / Liu Xiaofeng, Sino-Theology and the Philosophy of History: A Collection of Essays by Liu Xiaofeng.

2. Zhang Yunyan and Wang Huiping / On the Two Transformations of Bei Cun’s Writing on Faith 

3. Naomi Thurston / Hong Liang, Life Before the Last Things: The Dostoyevsky-Reception in the Early Works of Karl Barth and Eduard Thurneysen(1915-1923)

4. Xiong Jingzhi / Zha Changping, Introduction to the Logic of the World-picture of the New Testament: The History-Logic of the New Testament, Vol. 1 

5. Shi Xiao / Wenjun Luo, On the Translation and Introduction of Western Poetry by Protestant Missionaries in Late Qing and Early Republican China

6. Yen-Yi Lee / Wang Chen-Main, ed. China and Taiwan in the Writings of Missionaries


Christianity & Literature Volume 67, Issue 4 (September 2018)


1. Paul Thifault, “Native Americans and the Catholic Phase in Puritan Missionary Writing”

2. Patricia Marks, “An Iconic Image: Henry Ward Beecher in Puck Magazine”

3. John Peterson, “Wrestling with ‘Half Gods’: Biblical Discourse in Mary Austin’s The Ford

4. Barry Stephenson, “The Christ of Kazantzakis’s Christ Recrucified

5. Chad Schrock, “The Borderlands of Belief: Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins Mysteries”



Alex Mouw, “God in a Box” and “Giacometti’s Dog”

G.C. Waldrep, “Llanychaer Sonnet”

Carolyn Gelland, “Samuel Taylor Coleridge”

Cedric Rudolph, “The World’s Most Beautiful Blue” and “Grace”


Book Reviews

1. Malaika Favorite / Philip C. Kolin, Pilsen Snow

2. Malaika Favorite / Anya Krugovoy Silver, From Nothing: Poems

3. Norman W. Jones / Angelica Duran, The King James Bible across Borders and Centuries

4. Scott Crider / R. Chris Hassel, Shakespeare’s Religious Language: A Dictionary

5. Jonathon Lookadoo / Janet Brennan Croft, ed., Baptism of Fire: The Birth of the Modern British Fantastic in World War I

6. M.W. Brumit / Jameson S. Workman, Chaucer and the Death of the Political Animal



Read excerpts from the book, Imago Dei, featuring poetry from 60 years of Christianity & Literature.